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The Best 3 Free Online Image Editors

There are various free online image editors on the Internet. In some cases, images or photos are added to supplement the text or for simple aesthetic purposes, but image editing takes a lot of time. In that case, if you use free online image editors properly, you can focus more time on writing.

There are a huge number of free online image editors that have been released on the Internet. However, some of them feel that they lack a lot when they are actually used. Trying to use these one by one is not only time consuming, but also does not fit the original purpose of increasing the efficiency of image editing.

So, out of the free online image editors I’ve used while writing my blog so far, I’d like to recommend three of the best for writing. Free online image editors that require a separate program or app to be installed on a computer or smartphone are excluded. All of the free online image editors introduced here can be used directly on the Internet. Their basic functions are free.

ILOVEIMG is a free online image editor that provides various essential functions for image editing. Examples include Resize, Crop, Convert, etc. I especially use the cropping function here, which is very useful when preparing images for a blog.

free online image editors

Images can be uploaded directly from the PC, but can also be loaded from Google Drive or Dropbox. ILOVEIMG also has a login function, but basic functions can be used without login. If you need simple online image editors, this site is the answer.

free online image editors

When editing images for a blog, sometimes you need to change the png format image to jpg. This is because png images have a transparent background. So if you use them as they are, you may get unexpected results. At this time, if you convert to jpg, the background will be changed to white, which will give you a more predictable result.

Of course, free online image editors such as the aforementioned ILOVEIMG also provide this function. However, if you only need image format conversion without any other features, the PNG2JPG site is more suitable. Conversely, if you want to convert from jpg to png, you can easily use it within the site. Not only that, you can convert a Word file to an image and vice versa.

free online image editors

While the free online image editors above focused on the size and format of images, PINETOOLS is a site that allows you to edit image content itself. For example, you can apply a desired effect to the color of the image, such as black-and-white conversion or brightness.

The free online image editor that I find most useful on this site is the Blur function. This editor is necessary if you need to prevent exposure of personal information or hide the faces of unwanted people. Of course, there are many image editing sites online that provide a blur function. But among them, PINETOOLS is different in that it blurs 10 images at once. As far as I know, this is a feature that other free online image editors do not offer.

For reference, PINETOOLS provides useful functions such as various calculators in addition to online image editors. It can be accessed through the menu on the left side of the site.

Hope these will be useful

Today, I introduced free online image editors that I use usefully while running a blog. All basic functions are provided for free, and there is no need to sign up, so you can start using it right away. These are sites that are not just for blog posts, but are useful in daily life or work. I hope this helps in any way.

The Links category introduces useful sites that I personally use. In the next article in the Links category, I will take the time to organize free image sites as an extension of today’s article. If you are curious about how to find free images that you can use freely regardless of copyright, you can look forward to the next article.

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