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Copyrights Policy

The copyright of the articles used in this blog follows the following policies.

  • Texts
    • Texts are written by the blog author.
    • The copyright belongs to the blog author.
  • Images
    • Images are placed on a minimal area to assist with blog contents.
    • Books-related images (e.g. book cover images)
      • In the case of book-related images, the author uses what is published at major online bookstores for critique purposes.
      • The copyright owner of the book-related images must be specified in the following form:
        • Original title | Author | Translator | Publisher | Publication date>
    • Other images
      • Photographs taken by the author are used. Alternatively, only royalty-free images from the free image sites,, are used.
      • Sometimes official movie posters are used for critique purposes. The name of the movie and the release year have been specified.
  • Videos
    • Videos shared by copyright holders on major video sharing sites were cited in some posts for critique purposes.
    • When citing a video, the method that the original publisher provided to facilitate sharing was used.

If you have any other copyright related questions, please let us know below.