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How to go smoothly through speed bumps

  1. Overview
    1. It is a way to pass the speed bump that is encountered while driving without a shock.
  2. Materials
    1. The car is running.
    2. Speed bumps are found at 10m ahead.
  3. Methods
    1. Reduce speed just before the front wheel of the car touches the speed bump.
    2. If the front wheel of the car touches the speed bump, press the accelerator pedal to increase the speed.
      1. In this situation, the front part of the car is lifted slightly.
      2. As a result, the car smoothly passes the starting point of the speed bump.
    3. Immediately after the front wheel of the car passes over the high part of the speed bump, press down on the brake to reduce the speed.
      1. In this situation, the car faces down slightly.
      2. As a result, the car is less affected by the speed bump.
  4. Notice
    1. There may be differences depending on the model and size.

4 thoughts on “How to go smoothly through speed bumps”

  1. I have a Honda Civic with bad shocks. In fact, the are dead. Maybe I will try your method, but it will take a lot of practice to get the timing right!

    Greetings from Oregon, USA. I saw your comment about masks in LiveScience. I am enjoying your blog very much.

    1. I sincerely welcome you to my blog. I hope my article will help you in driving comfortably.

      I’ve never been to Oregon, but I’ve been to Seattle, where my cousin lives, as well as New York City, Washington D.C, Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, San Diego, LA, and Las Vegas. I am one of many Koreans who regard Americans as true friends.

      As you can see, I’m not a native English speaker, so I have a lot of broken English on my blog. If you have time to spare, please read my writing and advise me in the comments so that I can correct the sentence. I will create a blog that English-speaking visitors can enjoy as well.

      Nowadays, coronaviruses are disturbing people around the world. I hope you have a healthy time.

      1. Dr. Shin, I am happy to help with your English. However, you are a good writer (and no doubt speaker) of the language! I always remind English-as-second-language speakers that in the UK, N. America, Australia and so on, we are very forgiving of mistakes – unlike some other language speakers. We have a sense of humor and do not feel our language is sacred…well, actually, the British kind of do! Anyway, do not be shy about using it.

        Of course, in business and professional settings, it’s a little more formal. Even so, the US, Canada and Australia are much more relaxed than the UK. In all cases, we have had waves of immigrants for many generations, so if we had fits over odd uses of English, we would all have gone crazy. Feel free to use my email address if you’d like.

        As for coronavirus, our (a-hem) president claims everything is under control, but anyone with a decent IQ can see it’s not. I am fine, so far, but due to my age I am mostly staying home these days. I see you have been to many American cities!

        1. Your words about English give me great courage. Thank you very much. And I sincerely hope that the coronavirus will soon be controlled so that people in the world can regain their ordinary lives.

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