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What is the powder in the stainless steel tumbler?

Have you ever seen a mysterious powder inside your new stainless steel tumbler? It is an abrasive used to manufacture stainless steel products. Abrasives are used to sharpen or polish stainless steel products. It can be found not only in tumblers, but also in new stainless steel pots and pans. This powder is a suspected carcinogen, so you need to be careful.

Silicon carbide used as an abrasive

The main component of the abrasive, a powder found in stainless steel tumblers, is silicon carbide. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies silicon carbide as a Class 2A carcinogen. This means that it is better to minimize the possibility of exposure to silicon carbide.

How to remove abrasive from stainless steel

Abrasives are not easily removed with water or detergent. This is because silicon carbide is a hydrophobic material with water repelling properties. Moreover, since the abrasive is used in the form of a fine powder, there is a high possibility that it adheres to the surface of the stainless steel.

Using cooking oil

You will need cooking oil and baking soda to thoroughly remove the abrasive. Cooking oil is a hydrophobic material like silicon carbide, so the abrasive adheres well to the cooking oil. Dip a kitchen towel or dishcloth with cooking oil and thoroughly wipe the surface of the newly purchased stainless steel tumblers.

Using baking soda

Additionally, cleaning with baking soda is effective. Baking soda, which is alkaline, can dissolve silicon carbide. Mix baking soda with water and wipe the surface of stainless steel tumblers like washing dishes.

Using boiled vinegar

If you don’t have baking soda at home, putting stainless steel tumblers in boiling vinegar can also help.

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