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A woman is holding her head, complaining of brain fatigue.

How to Relieve Brain Fatigue

If fatigue does not go away no matter how much you rest, you should suspect 'brain fatigue'. If the brain ...
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A man is transported by ambulance with chest pain as symptoms of heart failure.

What is heart failure?

The heart beats more than 100,000 times every day to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body through blood. The ...
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Official image of Mike Pompeo provided by the US government.

How Mike Pompeo Lost Weight

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has appeared as a hot topic after losing 40 kg (about 90 lbs) ...
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A vitamin is being taken out of the vial. The cut oranges are visible in the background of the photo.

How to choose the right vitamins

What are vitamins? Simply put, vitamins are โ€œsubstances that help our body stay aliveโ€. More specifically, vitamins, unlike carbohydrates, fats, ...
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A person is lying on a sofa with a blanket on the sofa with symptoms of a cold.

COVID-19 immunity may be acquired even with a cold.

Can COVID-19 immunity be acquired from a cold? On January 10 (local time), researchers at Imperial College London University (ICL) ...
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A dish of grilled fish is prepared on a plate.

Fish Good For Diabetes

Why do you need to know which fish are good for diabetes? Most people think of type 2 diabetes as ...
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Smoke rises from the tip of the cigarette.

Early symptoms and screening methods for lung cancer

In the early stages of lung cancer, there are often no symptoms. About 15% of lung cancer patients are diagnosed ...
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Back view of two feet of a person walking along a promenade in the mountains.

Busting Myths About Walking Exercises

Walking is a very good exercise that can be easily performed in daily life without special tools and can improve ...
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A special machine being tested for glaucoma. A bright light is in focus in the eye.

Glaucoma: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnoses, Tests, Treatments and Preventions

Glaucoma is a disease caused by pressure on the optic nerve due to an increase in intraocular pressure or a ...
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A man is sitting on a sofa and holding his chin with his hands together and contemplating because of a change in urine color.

Causes of red urine, foamy urine, and smelly urine

Urine is a very important body secretion in diagnosing kidney health. So observation is necessary even when it is in ...
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