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If you can’t search from Chrome’s address bar

The address bar of the Chrome browser is where you enter the Internet address of the website you want to visit, but you can also use it as a Google search box. This is called an omnibox in the sense of a box where everything is possible. This is a convenient way to get the information you need without having to visit Google.

search from Chrome address bar

However, sometimes these convenient features don’t work. If you put a search term, you should get the search results you want. Unfortunately, after waiting for a while, the error screen sometimes appears. If you encounter this when you are busy, you must be very embarrassed.

Here’s how to fix the problem. If you type a search term in the Chrome address bar and you’re connected to an error screen, follow these steps:

  1. In the Chrome address bar, type
    • chrome://version/
  2. Copy the address of the ‘Profile Path’ entry.
    • Usually starts with ‘C:\Users\~’.
  3. Close all running Chrome.
  4. Open Windows ‘File Explorer’ and enter the address of the ‘Profile Path’ you copied above into the address field.
  5. When ‘File Explorer’ goes to the address you entered, find the ‘History’ file.
  6. Slowly double-click ‘History’ to make it modifiable.
  7. Then, modify ‘History.tmp’ by attaching ‘.tmp’ and save.
  8. Run Chrome and type the search terms you want in the address bar.
  9. Make sure the search function in the Chrome address bar is working.

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