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How to wash your hair to avoid hair loss

Keeping the scalp and hair clean is the basis for preventing hair loss. However, if you wash your hair in the wrong way every day, it can cause hair loss due to dry hair or weak scalp. For hair washing and care to prevent hair loss, refer to the following.

How to wash your hair to prevent hair loss

  • It is recommended to use water at a temperature similar to body temperature.
    • Too hot water evaporates moisture from the scalp, which can lead to dryness.
    • Cold water can harden waste products on the scalp.
  • After lathering with shampoo, apply evenly to scalp and hair.
  • It is recommended to gently rub the scalp with the soft tip of your fingers.
    • Avoid stimulating the scalp with nails as it may damage the hair follicles.
      • Bacteria hidden in the crevices of the nails can penetrate into the hair follicles and cause inflammation on the scalp.

How to care after washing your hair

  • The hair is tangled right after washing it, so drying it right away can cause a lot of hair to fall out. You can minimize hair loss by doing the following:
    • Gently wipe off wet hair with a dry towel.
    • Trim with a wide comb and dry your hair.
      • It is not recommended to use a dense comb, as wet hair has a swelled surface and is easily damaged by even a small friction.

How to dry your hair with a hair dryer

  • Blowing hot air close to the hair to dry it quickly is fatal to hair health.
    • Hair has a property of absorbing water by opening the cuticle that covers the surface. Wet hair has open cuticles, so when exposed to hot wind, the keratin that makes up the hair is easily damaged.
  • Keep the hair dryer at least one span away from your hair.
  • Use wind with a temperature similar to or lower than body temperature.

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