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How to Remove Sticker Residue

In everyday life, stickers and tapes are often used. However, the sticker residue that remains when the sticker or tape is peeled off is always annoying. Especially if the place where the sticker residue remains is a place that stands out in everyday life such as drawers, refrigerators, and furniture, it is quite a problem.

1. Sticker Cleaner

The most reliable and safe way is to buy a commercially available sticker cleaner, spray it on the remaining spots of the tape, and wipe it off with a dry cloth. You can find a variety of sticker residue removers, adhesive removers, or tape removers at hypermarkets. It can also be purchased at an internet store.

The reason for purchasing and using the remover is that the sticker residue can be removed without discoloring the furniture or appliances. The methods listed below can also remove sticker residues in their own way, but they must be applied with caution as there is a risk of discoloration.

2. Other items

Be careful when using the methods listed below because there is a risk of discoloration. In particular, home appliances are easily discolored, so be very careful.

1) Eraser

If the sticker residue is not severe, you can rub it with an eraser to remove the sticker residue along with the eraser residue. It is important to note that a lot of sticker residues need to be rubbed hard, which makes it difficult to remove them completely. However, using an eraser is effective for sticker residue. Old sticker residues may be hardened, which can not be erased by using an eraser.

2) Alcohol

Alcohol dissolves the adhesive component of the sticker residue and can be used to remove it. Soak alcohol on a cotton or dry cloth and wipe the sticker residue away. In addition, any product that contains alcohol or petroleum can be used to remove the sticker residue. You can also use men’s cosmetics, skin cosmetics and spray insecticides.

3) Acetone

Acetone can be used to reliably eliminate sticker residues. But furniture and home appliances are also most likely to discolor.

Additional tip: get rid of old sticker residue

If the sticker residue is left for a long time, the adhesive component hardens and the stickiness disappears, but it is more difficult to remove. It is best to remove old hardened sticker residue with a knife, but doing so risks damaging the surface of furniture and appliances. In this case, increase the temperature of the sticker residue with hot water or heat it using a hair dryer, and then remove the sticker residue using one of the methods described above.

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