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How to prevent child traffic accidents

Prohibit jaywalking of adults

Jaywalking is the most common cause of child traffic accident deaths. Many jaywalking accidents in children are largely influenced by adults. Therefore, jaywalking of adults is a crime that encourages traffic accidents of my children and neighbors.

Young children sit in the backseat

In the event of an accident, children in the arms of their parents who are seated in front are at greater risk. Without knowing this, habitually placing children in front of a car increases the risk of children being injured.

Go left

Pedestrians on the left side are less likely to have an accident because pedestrians are more likely to see cars and drivers are more likely to see them. But in pedestrian crossings, on the contrary, it is safer to walk to the right side. This is because the car comes from the left side when viewed from the pedestrian position, so you can get more distance from the car.

Prohibit illegal parking

When there is a car parked illegally on the road, accidents often occur because the driver cannot find a child jumping off the road. Therefore, illegal parking near school should be eradicated.

Walk slowly and make eye contact with the driver

Children are willing to run unconditionally due to the nature of their behavior. Habits that parents urge their children to โ€œhurry upโ€ can encourage this impatience. Today, more than 80-90% of children’s traffic accidents occur in a hurry while running. You should always look around, make eye contact with the driver, and develop a habit of walking slowly.

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