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How to merge multiple RSS feeds into one

This article is intended to guide you through how to combine several different RSS feeds into one RSS feed. For example, you may need to combine multiple RSS feeds into one in the following situations:

  • When you want to subscribe to the updates of several kinds of RSS feeds from an RSS subscriber to one address.
  • When you connect your blog’s RSS feed to an email client such as Mailchimp to run a newsletter
  • When you want to exclude articles in a specific category from the RSS feed you want to share with your readers.

Today’s article will help you to easily merge multiple RSS feeds into one without any difficult programming knowledge.

Background for writing this article

This blog links the RSS feed with Mailchimp to send out newsletters when new articles are updated. However, as blog posts piled up and topics covered increased, it became necessary to exclude some topics from the newsletter.

WordPress, the platform on which this blog operates, gives each category a separate RSS address. Therefore, if you can collect only the RSS feeds of the desired category and combine them into one new RSS feed, you can easily run an email newsletter with only the content of the desired category.

However, many of the information published on the Internet regarding how to merge multiple RSS feeds into one is currently not valid. For example,, which appears the most when you search for RSS feed merge or mix, is currently not operating normally. So, after a lot of trial and error myself, I figured out a good way to merge RSS feeds, and I’ve put them together below.

Things you need

  • 2 or more RSS addresses you want to merge into one. (Below is an example.)
  • RSS Mixer
    • Free account signup required.
    • You can combine 3 RSS feeds into 1 RSS feed with a free account.
    • Depending on the format of multiple RSS feed addresses that need to be combined, RSS Mixer may not recognize them. In this case, use Feedburner, which is introduced below, to convert the RSS feed. If you convert in advance using Feedburner, you can make it recognized by RSS Mixer without trial and error.
  • Feedburner
    • Feedburner is a service provided by Google and can be used with a Google account.
    • Feedburner creates new RSS feeds by processing the addresses of existing RSS feeds provided in various formats depending on blog platforms, etc. New RSS feed addresses generated by Feedburner in this way are more versatile than before.

How to merge RSS feeds


When a new post is updated in one of the three feeds (i.e.,,, it is also updated in the newly created

Limitations and Notes

  • RSS Mixer free account only allows you to merge 3 RSS feeds into one. If you want to combine a larger number of RSS feeds, you will need to use a paid service.

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