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How to Disinfect Places at Risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading worldwide. This means that no place around you is safe from viruses. But don’t worry. If you know and practice proper disinfection methods rather than fear, you will reduce unnecessary concerns. Moreover, it’s not just a matter of mood, it’s really effective to prevent infection. Here is a standard method of disinfection that can be applied to places where there is a risk of infection, especially where the infected person has passed.

  1. Before starting disinfection, wear a mask and gloves and do not touch your face and eyes during cleaning and disinfection.
  2. Prepare a disinfectant. This includes 5% sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) and rubbing alcohol.
    • How to dilute 5% sodium hypochlorite
      1. Dilution ratio: 0.1% or 1000ppm
      2. Dilution method: Dilute 5% sodium hypochlorite to 1:50. (Water 1,000mL, 5% sodium hypochlorite 20mL)
      3. Contact time: 10 minutes or more on the surface without holes, 30 minutes when depositing the object to be sterilized.
    • Disinfecting alcohol should be used on surfaces where sodium hypochlorite is not suitable (eg metal).
  3. Keep the windows open for ventilation.
  4. Repeat disinfection of the floor with disinfectant from one end to the other in the area requiring disinfection.
  5. Clean all frequently used areas and surfaces with a (cloth) towel moistened with disinfectant.
    • Handle, armrest, desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, switch, blind, window, wall, etc.
  6. Wash bed sheets, pillow covers, and blankets using a washing machine and detergent.
  7. Mattresses, pillows, carpets, and cushions used by patients suspected of COVID-19 will not be used until test results are confirmed.
    • If the test result is positive, these items should be disposed of or disinfected. If the test result is negative, it can be used again without further processing.
  8. Put all the cloth (towel) and waste used for disinfection into the waste bag.
  9. Remove gloves and wash your hands with soap and running water.
  10. Remove the mask and wash your hands with soap and running water.
  11. Put gloves and mask in the waste bag and seal it.
  12. All wastes discarded during the disinfection process are treated separately from other household wastes.
  13. Immediately after cleaning, shower and change clothes.
  14. Ventilate the disinfected place.

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    1. The bleach mentioned in the above article is 5% sodium hypochlorite, which is different from ordinary soap. In everyday life, washing your hands with soap and running water for 30 seconds is sufficient. However, it is not recommended that soaps made for the purpose of being used on human bodies be used on other objects.

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