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Effective medicines to relieve itchy and dry skin

Itchy and dry skin is a very unbearable symptom. If over-the-counter medications can relieve these symptoms, it would be of great help. If you read this all the way to the end, you will be able to choose a medicine that will help your itchy and dry skin in the future.

Moisturizing is essential

Moisturizing is the most important thing in skin care. For dry skin, a cream or oil type is recommended rather than a lotion. It is basic to use body creams or body oils that are widely available on the market.

However, in the case of people with particularly sensitive skin, body oil may cause skin irritation. At first, try applying a moisturizing cream mixed with a few drops of body oil. Then it is recommended to adjust the oil ratio by watching the skin reaction.

It is a principle to moisturize the skin frequently. It is recommended to frequently apply a moisturizing cream to dry skin. After showering or bathing, apply moisturizing cream within 5 minutes of wiping off water. The key is to minimize the time the skin loses moisture.

Medicines used for itchy skin

When the skin is itchy, steroid ointment can be used only on the itchy area. Apply a thin layer of ointment containing steroids such as hydrocortisone and predrisolone. Use a mild steroid ointment for thin skin areas such as the face, and a stronger steroid ointment for the body. Antihistamines are also used as oral medications.

Recently, creams and lotions containing ingredients such as antihistamines, dexpanthenol, and tocopherol are also available for those who are reluctant to use steroids. Representative examples include Itchnon cream, Bepanthen ointment, Panthenol ointment, and Dexpanthenol cream. Apply these ointments and creams to the affected areas, and apply a moisturizing cream over them to make the effect last longer.

Medicines used for dry skin

If the skin is cracked, use a cream containing ingredients such as glycerin and tocopherol. These creams can also be managed by frequently applying them to sore areas due to frostbite in winter. If you have dead skin cells, you can use creams that contain urea.

Especially in winter, the number of people suffering from keratogenic athlete’s foot increases. If skin cracking or itching is accompanied by athlete’s foot, it is recommended to apply an ointment containing ingredients to treat athlete’s foot and a cream or ointment containing urea. Rather than managing symptoms with just one ointment, it is recommended to use two or three ointments to kill the fungus while preventing itching, dead skin cells and cracking of the skin.

Medicines used for itchy scalp

Itchy scalp is often accompanied by hives or inflammation. In severe cases, seborrheic dermatitis can lead to symptoms such as dandruff and hair loss. Therefore, it is very important to manage it from the beginning of symptoms.

If scalp itchiness and seborrheic dermatitis coexist, use shampoo-type medicines containing ketoconazole and cyclopiroxolamine. These shampoo-type products can be used as lightly as shampooing two or three times a week. There are Nizoral, Sebiprox, and Nobiprox on the market.

In addition, products based on prednisolone valerate acetate are available. These products can be applied by placing a few drops on the affected scalp. It has the advantage of being less sticky and can be applied lightly.

If the symptoms are severe, you can receive a prescription from a dermatologist, such as Dermovate Ointment, which contains clobetasol propionate, and use it. However, even at this time, it is recommended not to use it for a long period of time.

When shampooing, it is also very important to rinse well until the shampoo solution is completely removed. In fact, just enough rinsing after shampooing relieves a lot of symptoms.


Skin itching, hives, and inflammatory reactions are common symptoms that anyone can experience. However, if not taken care of properly, the skin quickly dries and sags, as well as not looking good. It is very important to manage it with appropriate products and medicines. That’s why proper over-the-counter use is the recommended way to keep your skin healthy.

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