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Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer Surgery

1. When is breast reconstruction performed?

Reconstruction of the breast is necessary in cases of congenital breast loss or slow development, as well as in the case of acquired breast loss, that is, breast excision due to breast cancer or loss of breast due to burns or trauma. The timing and method of surgery will vary depending on the cause and extent, and it will be decided by consulting a plastic surgeon. It is an important surgery to improve confidence, mental satisfaction and quality of life through reconstructive surgery as the breast is precious for women.

2. When is breast reconstruction performed?

Simultaneous breast resection (immediate breast reconstruction) may be performed. It may also be performed after confirming that there is no recurrence or metastasis of breast cancer after mastectomy and that the scar after surgery has been softened (Delayed Breast Reconstruction). Considering the stage of breast cancer, metastasis, radiotherapy, etc., the patient and the doctor should be consulted to determine the timing of the trial.

3. How is the operation performed?

There are prosthesis implants, tissue expander-prosthesis implants, and autogenous flap surgery (resection of the muscles and skin at different sites to reconstruct the breast), which is determined by considering various conditions such as the patient’s condition, the method of mastectomy, and the opposite normal breast condition.

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