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7 tips on human relationships

I simply summarized my thoughts in the hope that my child would later read this article. I will have many more time to talk with my child in the future, but I leave this article as a preparation for a future I do not know.

First, there is nothing free in the world.

If someone gave you something for free, it is to get more than the person gave. Free is the most expensive debt among the debts.

Second, beware of those who believe in you.

Someone may ask you for a wrongdoing. At this time, they will say that they believe in you without exceptions. Their belief is not ‘trust in you personality’ but ‘expectation that you are an easy person’. If you do not want to regret it later, you must destroy that belief.

Third, the moment you lend money changes your position.

If someone asks you to borrow money, you have to look at the next situation. Now, you are in favor of it, but from the moment you lend it, you are in a position to ask someone to pay you back. The knife is most powerful when in the sheath. Money is the same.

Fourth, it is better to hear than to say.

It makes a mistake when you speak, but you can also reduce mistakes that you are trying to listen to. Of course, you should not accept others, but the ability to judge what is right also occurs in the listening process.

Fifth, people are all busy living.

Others are not as interested in what you do as you think. You do not have to waste your life worrying about others.

Sixth, enjoy only 80% of what you have.

If you try to get 120 even though you have a power of 100, you should borrow 20 from the others. Then you will have to be a “debtor”. When you have a power of 100, you can live a life of “creditor” if you enjoy only about 80 and give 20 for others. Please live the life of the creditor.

Seventh, health is of the utmost importance.

There are people who hurt their health by maintaining human relationships. But if you lose your health, your relationship is worthless. It is health that takes precedence over any human relationship.

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