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5 Common Misconceptions about High Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure remains low, you can stop taking the medicine?

Absolutely not. Hypertension is the most common form of essential hypertension of unknown cause. Therefore, once high blood pressure develops, most people will continue to improve their lifestyle and take medication for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it can be seen that treatment is necessary for life. However, if you lose weight, exercise regularly, and follow a low-sodium diet, if your blood pressure drops enough, you can stop taking medication through consultation with a high blood pressure specialist.

Bamboo salt is good for high blood pressure?

No, that’s not true. Although many people know that bamboo salt has the effect of treating and preventing chronic adult diseases such as high blood pressure, bamboo salt is scientifically no different from ordinary salt. In particular, salt is an important cause of high blood pressure. High blood pressure cannot be cured by eating certain foods like bamboo salt. The principle of high blood pressure management is to eat a low-sodium diet, to exercise properly, and to take antihypertensive drugs if necessary.

If there are no symptoms, your blood pressure is well controlled?

No, it is not. Most hypertensive patients have no symptoms. The reason that blood pressure control treatment is necessary even if there are no symptoms is that exposure to high blood pressure for several decades can lead to serious complications such as arteriosclerosis, heart failure, and renal failure. Therefore, the treatment of hypertension has a greater meaning of ‘prevention’ for possible complications than a simple ‘treatment’ concept.

Hypertensive patients should not have their blood pressure drop below 120/80 mmHg?

No, it is not. A general target blood pressure level of less than 140/90 mmHg for hypertensive patients is only a minimal target for treatment. There is no need to worry about low blood pressure, as dropping below 120/80 mmHg does not increase other risks.

Hypertension that begins at a young age can be controlled later?

No, it is not. Hypertension itself can lead to complications of the heart or kidneys, and is the most important risk factor for fatal diseases such as coronary artery disease and stroke. This risk does not go away just because you are young. Therefore, if hypertension is confirmed, treatment to maintain normal blood pressure is required regardless of age. In particular, younger people are more likely to be exposed to factors such as smoking, stress, and overwork that increase the risk of hypertension-related death, so more intensive treatment for hypertension is needed.

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