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3 Free Image Sites You Should Know

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Free image sites are very useful tools while running a blog. Although writing is the basics of a blog, various images can compensate for the missing parts of writing. Furthermore, properly placed images can also make text look good.

However, there are a huge number of sites offering free images online. Trying them out one by one is in itself very time consuming and laborious. That’s why there are many articles that provide recommended lists of free image sites.

However, most of the free image site recommendations deal with at least 5 to at most 20 sites at a time. Such articles themselves are another source of stress for readers.

So, I’ve tried it myself and introduced the three that I was most satisfied with. Unless you have a special case, just using the three sites introduced today will suffice for general free image searches.

In fact, these sites are also commonly recommended by other introductory articles. So that’s where it’s proven. Before the full-scale introduction, the criteria for selection of free image sites are as follows.

Criteria for selection of free image sites

  • Sites where you can use free images without copyright issues
  • Sites where you can use free images without registration or login
  • Sites where you can use free images in high-definition and various resolutions


무료 이미지 사이트

PIXABAY is one of the world’s largest free image sites. In addition to about 2.5 million free photos, it provides everything from illustrations and vectors to videos, music and sound effects. You can search for free images in multiple languages.

Since one image can be downloaded in various sizes including high quality, it is very useful for blog image optimization.

The popular image option provides a list of images in order of popularity. You can also find free images you want by filtering by width, height, category, size, and color.


무료 이미지 사이트

PEXELS is also one of the world’s most popular free image search sites. Like PIXABAY, it supports multiple languages.

By using suggested search terms, you can also check images that other people frequently find, and you can download the selected image in various resolutions and sizes.

It provides various filtering functions. By using this, you can search for images by subject, collection, or image, and you can also check recent popular photos.


무료 이미지 사이트

UNSPLASH is one of the world’s most widely used free image search sites along with PIXABAY and PEXELS introduced above. There is no multilingual site like the previous two sites, but it is possible to search in multiple languages.

You can easily find high-resolution images of various subjects such as people, animals, food, travel, and nature. In addition, it provides the location information of the photo, which can be used to obtain additional information about the photo’s source.

UNSPLASHis a site specialized in photographic images and does not deal with videos. This point can be said to be different from the previous two sites.

Before using a free image site, you should also consider the copyright of your photos. This is because each photo or image shared on the Internet is a creation that has been invested in someone’s time and effort. Copyright of free images is also the part that users find the most difficult.

Most of the photos provided by the free image sites introduced above today do not require acknowledgment of the source, and can be freely redistributed after editing or modification. This is called a public domain, and it refers to a work whose copyright has expired or has been abandoned by the author.

However, there may be exceptional cases such as paid images introduced as advertisements in the middle of the above free image sites. In addition, the policies of each site may change in the future. So, it’s a good idea to check the terms and conditions before using free images.

Today, following the free image editing sites I introduced earlier, I introduced sites where you can download copyright-free images for free. I hope that the sites I introduce will be helpful to readers in their work and daily life.

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