How to lock iPhone screen with Apple Bluetooth keyboard

When using an iPhone or iPad, it is inconvenient to enter letters on the onscreen virtual keyboard. It is somewhat awkward and less recognizable than the actual keyboard. As a result, the efficiency of work will be lowered. So many people use the Apple Bluetooth keyboard connected to the iPhone or iPad.

However, there are occasional experiences such as the following. Someone suddenly comes close to you during your personal work. You did not do anything wrong at the time, but are not you embarrassed? Even if you do not have a reason for personal information protection, there is a case that you want to close the screen suddenly while working.

Of course, you can turn off the screen by pressing the power button next to your iPhone or iPad. But in an abrupt situation it is difficult to do so quickly. Besides, when you suddenly reach out and push the button and lock the screen, the intention to not show the screen is very obvious. There may be unpleasant emotions between each other.

Would not it be useful in such an unexpected situation if you could lock the screen with keyboard only while using the Apple Bluetooth keyboard? Unfortunately, there is no known way to lock the screen of the device using the shortcut keys of the Apple Bluetooth keyboard other than pressing the power button. Instead, I introduce two ways to replace screen locking.

First, it is a method to expect an effect similar to locking the screen by moving to the home screen. Pressing ‘command + H’ closes the running app screen and displays the home screen filled with icons. Since the app you’re running is not completely shut down, you can go back to the previous screen and continue working.

However, the above method is incomplete in that the home screen is exposed as a result. Some people may feel uncomfortable even when the home screen is exposed to others. Then the second method is helpful.

This is a method of using a search screen. If you press ‘command + space bar’ on the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, the screen becomes dark and only a small search window is left at the top of the screen.

At this point, you may see apps that you use frequently under the heading ‘SIRI suggestions’ rather than a black screen below the search box. If this is the case, you can turn off “Settings app> Siri & Search> Suggestions in Search”. After that, pressing ‘command + space’ will bring up a completely black screen at the bottom of the search box.

This is not a screen lock, but you can see a similar effect. At least in unexpected situations, it helps to hide the current screen using the keyboard immediately.

So far we have seen how to use the Apple Bluetooth keyboard to instantly hide the screen when working on an iPhone or iPad. I would like to help users who use Apple Bluetooth keyboard frequently.

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How to lock iPhone screen with Apple Bluetooth keyboard

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