OREO Writing

    1. Overviews
      1. Here is a quick and easy way to write powerful articles.
    2. Materials
      1. What: The topic of the article. Think about what to write about.
      2. Why: Think about why you would write about the topic.
      3. How: Think about how you can implement the topic of your article.
    3. Methods
      1. O (Opinion)
        1. Write a key opinion that you want to claim through the article.
        2. This corresponds to “What”.
      2. R (Reason)
        1. Write reasons for opinion.
        2. This corresponds to “Why”.
      3. E (Example)
        1. Write examples supporting the reasons.
      4. O (Opinion, Offer)
        1. Summarize key opinions and write offers that are actually applicable.
        2. This corresponds to “How”.
    4. Notes
      1. The arrangement of R and E can be done in two ways as follows.
        1. R1, E1, R2, E2, R3, E3 …
        2. R1, R2, R3 … E1, E2, E3 …
      2. BOREO variant
        1. If there is a background (B) that has a core opinion, it can be written in front of O.
        2. If the importance of B is not high, it can be used as an element of R or E.

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