The danger flying through the sky

    The movie Gravity starts with a peaceful universe turned into a scene of urgent disaster. Debris from the satellite explosion raids the main characters in space.

    I was curious about the scene. Why is it that the debris will pass through exactly where the astronauts are? In a very wide and spacious universe. I thought that it was just a film imagination.

    But as I see it, the machines on these orbits are broken or destroyed and are actually turning into dangerous traps. The word “trap” is not just a parable. Literally destroyed satellites act like traps to destroy other machines around. The number of traps increases exponentially as well as the number of times.

    It is different from what happens in outer space, and it is no different than a fatal virus spreading out in crowded squares. Eventually, the orbiting satellites may be destroyed and turned into huge garbage dumps.

    Lift your head and look up at the sky. Beyond the clouds, a lot of machines are going beyond what we think. From the navigation to the weather forecast, a piece of modern civilization that we enjoy hangs on these machines with invisible strings. If at some time in the future these strings are cut off, then the technologies we enjoy today will only be seen in history books.

    Concerns about fine plastic floating in the sea are growing. As a result of indiscriminate use of antibiotics, there is a warning that super bacteria can no longer be treated with antibiotics. Although it brings the convenience of civilization created by mankind, if it is wasted excessively, it can become a trap to hold humanity.

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